We are the UK’s first flexible commercial fleet supplier with tracking and instant incident dash cams combined in every vehicle.

Reflex serves a huge variety of clients from the largest UK construction and rail infrastructure businesses to the private healthcare and “Vulcan to the Sky” charitable trust. With such a wide range of clients there is a long list of requirements to match.

The key demands placed upon Reflex are the vehicle needs to be reliable, fit for purpose, convey a professional image and most importantly be safe and compliant.

As one of the London Stock Exchange’s Top 1000 companies “To Inspire Britain”, Reflex operate a fleet 4000+ light commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Providing clients with an industry leading service, from its 4 acre Midlands base, ideally placed to offer around the clock back up. Reflex can provide fully equipped vehicles which comply with current safety legislation and regulations.

Our unique “Duty of Care” package mirrors the policies of the industry advisory bodies “Van Excellence” and “FORS”.

In addition, all commercial vehicles are limited to 70mph/120/130kph increasing driver safety.

This practice has lead, to Reflex becoming the first ever rental company to become accredited by Van Excellence.

Reflex are innovators of the “Flexi-Family” suite of telematics, on board cameras, driver fatigue monitors and driver profiling.

In 2013 several of our clients reported that it was difficult to find a supplier that offered a vehicle tracking solution which was flexible and available on every vehicle that was hired in to compliment their companies “core fleet”

In this instance a separate contract with a specific provider for the supply of telematics would have to be taken out often for a contract period of 3 to 5 years with additional costs such as installation charges. It meant that in periods of peaks and troughs it was impossible to implement these systems on rental vehicles which meant that these vehicles were running blind. With no control over driver behaviour and running costs it was imperative for Reflex to come up with a solution that could set us apart from our competitors.

Flexitrack was created using a plug and play tracking device which can be fitted to the OBD port of any car and commercial vehicle, our inclusive service meant that the client could hire a vehicle complete with vehicle tracking with no contractual commitment or installation costs.

Having a telematics offering enables Reflex to seamlessly capture mileage data to facilitate preventative maintenance.

Our success of this innovative product/service is down to one of our major construction clients who challenged Reflex to come up with this solution. Reflex are now sole supplier with over 300 vehicles on hire at any one time.

Within a matter of weeks our clients were on board and within a matter of months our whole fleet was equipped with “Flexitrack”

Reflex held the market position for around 18 months before other companies were offering similar solutions, to date we are the only company offering this solution with no contractual commitment.

So, to continue in delivering the very best service offerings in 2016, Reflex recently commenced fitting as a standard feature on every new vehicle “FlexicamPlus” incident dash cam and “Flexitrack” device combined. With over 2000 devices in operation our unique approach gives our clients tremendous benefits in efforts to reduce accidents, control spiralling insurance costs and enhance driver safety. To date there is no other rental company that can provide a vehicle with their own product/service offering only through a joint venture.

When the “Flexitrack” device detects a crash alert the camera locks down 20 seconds of footage (15secs prior to and 5secs after an incident occurs) and emails the incident directly to the nominated individual email address.

NO SD Card retrieval is required meaning faster data processing time and increased reliability.

The system sits on our “Flexitrack” platform providing all the monitoring a safe and properly maintained fleet requires including video footage.

Video evidence supports non-fault road traffic incidents, expediting claim settlements and leading to savings on insurance premiums, 84% of motorists are concerned about insurance premiums rising to cover the cost of fraud and 74% of the population think cash for crash is a cause for concern.

Our technology has transformed many fleets but it is equally true that numerous companies rely on multiple systems and even manual spreadsheets to manage their commercial vehicle operations.

Therefore “FlexicamPlus” should be recognised as a truly innovative product and service only available from Reflex and all on a single platform.

As technology evolves and fleet management becomes increasingly complex, companies resisting change will be putting themselves at risk of failure and even prosecution, particularly in respect of occupational road risk management compliance.

Reflex Driver Profiler was launched in 2015, the online Driver Risk Management programme is designed to be most effective when taken. However, we fully understand that some clients wish to select the various elements that suit their business best. As such, all the elements can be selected individually such as speed awareness modules, providing both a fully flexible and affordable programme for all.

Drivers can be added/removed/deactivated on an ad-hoc basis ensuring that you pay for those drivers “live” in the system. This gives greater flexibility for short term contractors, those on long term sickness or maternity leave, etc. The Reflex system ensures that every driver is part of an ongoing, tailored learning programme whilst providing comprehensive data that permits further targeted training if/as required and “Duty of Care Compliance”.

Reflex will continue to evolve and adapt to meet our customer’s needs and best practice.

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